Marketing and Promotion of your Facility
  • Maintenance and promotion of your custom made website.
  • Use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to improve website rankings.
  • Use Google Analytics to track performance and potential clients.
  • Explore opportunities with groups and businesses who would be interested in hiring your facility
  • Website offers free advertising for clubs and groups looking to expand their users (e.g. dance schools, private education providers)
Administer bookings and enquiries
  • All enquiries dealt with via e-mail / telephone from Monday to Friday (9.30am to 5pm).
  • Enquiries logged in database for future analysis or promotion.
  • RealeSpace will arrange a mutually convenient time for potential hirers to visit the facility.
  • Make initial assessments of clients and activities and conduct reference checks
  • Store all appropriate booking documentation (including insurances, teaching qualifications, reference checks)
  • Make changes due to booking cancellations or unforeseen events (school events, weather).
  • Ensure clients sign onto terms and conditions before bookings take place.
  • Ensure clients are fully aware of facility emergency procedures if this is ever required.
Invoices and Payment collection
  • Invoices will be raised by RealeSpace on a monthly basis in advance.
  • Invoices can be viewed by the school's finance team by logging into the RealeSpace bookings system.
  • An auditable credit note system incorporated into the bookings system allows any cancellations or changes to be credited automatically.
  • Arrange for an online payment system via 'Stripe' (Credit or Debit card) to allow payments on your behalf. Payments via cash or cheque will not be permitted.
Bookings reports and customer service
  • Easily view facility or room bookings via the live online calendar system.
  • Informative reports can be viewed by staff and can be e-mailed or downloaded.
  • Strive for the highest levels of customer service with potential clients when taking and coordinating bookings